Board back envelopes

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Board back envelopes are what you need when sending some important paper or items that need protection.

These envelopes are manufactured from a cardboard and heavy paper. The cardboard is at the reverse of the envelope and heavy paper is at its front.

Board back envelopes belong to a range of strong envelopes. This type of envelopes comes in two main colours - white & manila and come in eight different sizes.
The weight of the envelope in manilla colour is 115 gsm and white is 120 gsm.  The weight of the board is 550 gsm.

The design ensures that items, which are put inside travel securely through the post.

The manilla envelopes are available either plain or with a printed warning, "Please do not bend" at the front of the envelope.

Peel & Seal closure provides very easy, quick, and secure closure of the envelope.

Board back envelopes are ideal for sending important papers, catalogues, calendars and other precious items that need protection.