Bubble bags

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Let us introduce you to our wide bubble bag range.

We offer following selection of bags:
    - Traditional Jiffy Bags
    - Jiffy Mailers
    - Gloss Poly Bubble Bags
    - Plain White Padded Bags
    - Matt Poly Bubble Bags
    - Metallic Matt Bubble Bags
    - Metallic Bubble Bags
    - Coloured Kraft Bags
    - Clear Bubble Bags
    - Recyclable Poly Bubble Bags

Our bubble bags are produced to protect your bulky items and mailings from damage.

Most of the bubble bags are lightweight mailers; however, we offer you one heavy-duty bag from the Jiffy selection.
Bubble bags come in different sizes and colours and are here to protect your mailing so it arrives in perfect condition.

Here at Simply Envelopes our devotion to sourcing the very best envelopes has enabled us to become one of the very best stockists and suppliers for both commercial and domestic customers across Britain. In our search to source every type of envelope you will ever need we have create fantastic sections on our website that are designed to suit the needs and requirements of all our customers, both new and repeat clients.

When you find that you wish to send items such as picture frames, DVD's, CD's and other items that require protection whilst in transit, there are many products available to ensure you do everything to ensure your package reaches its destination in the same condition as you sent it. One of the best protective mailers is the bubble bags that we supply. Available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit a wide range of uses, they can be purchased in a choice of sizes and come with handy peel and seal fastenings, the perfect all in one solution for you.