Translucent polyethylene bags

Translucent Polyethylene Bags. These 70-micron bags are produced from high quality polyethylene.

These bags come in 4 colours:
    - Gold
    - Blue
    - Orange
    - Red

and following sizes:
162x114 mm (C6)
    - 165x165 mm (Square)
229x114 mm
229x162 mm (C5)

The quality and resistance of the Poly translucent bags makes them ideal for Media, Advertising, and Marketing.
eBay users will find these very professional and sure to impress their customers.
Perfect for posting an assortment of promotional materials, brochures, gifts, craftwork, electronic components and a variety of items that require protection from temperature changes, water or puncture.

(All the measurements are inside and in millimetres).