Miniature envelopes

In the huge range and variety of products, miniature envelopes and pillow boxes managed to find their place.

We offer different types and styles from which to select your requirements.

They come from different sections square, coloured, translucent, and commercial.
The variety of colours is huge white and manilla, plus all 35 shades from our colour selection and all translucent shades from our translucent selection in selected sizes.

In the miniature square envelopes selection, choose sizes as small as 40 x 40 mm square and 60 x 60 mm square.

In the miniature envelopes selection, sizes are from 62 x 94 mm and up to 102 x 76 mm.

Pillow boxes are available in 7colours in size 113x81 mm but black pillow boxes starts as small as 60x75 mm.

This type of envelope is ideal for coins, buttons, beads, stamps, business cards, miniature cards, simply anything small enough to fit.