Commercial envelopes

Commercial envelopes, Communique envelopes, Standard commercial envelopes, Superior commercial envelopes

We have in stock a huge range of commercial envelopes. You may choose what suit best.

Commercial envelopes are available in white and manila colour.

You can choose between an opaque and non-opaque envelope.
The opaque has blue printing inside concealing the contents.

In addition, there are different types of paper thickness.
The thicker heaver paper is less transparent.

There is a choice between window and non-window.
The position of windows differs as well as their size.

Moreover, we offer pocket or wallet style envelopes.
The pocket style envelope opens on the shorter edge.
The wallet style envelope opens at the longer edge.

Commercial envelopes are available with three types of closure - Gummed, Peel & Seal and Self Seal.
The last two - Peel & Seal and Self Seal, provide easy, quick, and secure closure.

The commercial envelopes are of good quality and are ideal for sending out business post, invoices, and statements. They are ideal for huge mailings since the purchase cost of the envelope is low.

The range of envelopes is huge; you will find exactly the envelope you need.
Should you not, then please call so we can assist in filling your every requirement.