Fancy paper lined envelopes

We are delighted to introduce our popular range of very smart and elegant fancy paper lined envelopes.
These envelopes are made from 120 gsm paper and complemented by the coloured lined paper, which is on the inside of the envelope.

The Fancy Paper Lined Envelopes come with a  V-flap and gummed closure (lick and stick).

The envelopes are of ivory, white and black colours and come with different choices of lining:
    - Black Fancy Paper Lining
    - Blue Fancy Paper Lining
    - Green Fancy Paper Lining
    - Orange Fancy Papere Lining
    - Red Fancy Paper Lining
    - White Fancy Paper Lining

All of the fancy paper lined envelopes are available in six sizes
    - 62x94 mm
    - 160x160 mm
    - 82x113 mm (C7)
    - 114x162 mm (C6)
    - 162x229 mm (C5)
    - 110x220 mm (DL)

(All measurements are inside and in millimetres) (The second measurement is the flap edge).

The Tissue Lined Envelopes are ideal for invitations such as weddings, anniversaries, or any other occasion that needs to be sent in something special. Moreover, they are ideal for Media, Advertising, and Marketing, as they look very professional and stylish.