Translucent coloured envelopes

Translucent coloured envelopes, 62 x 98 translucent envelopes, 125 x 125 translucent envelopes, 160 x 160 translucent envelopes, 220 x 220 translucent envelopes, 114 x 162 mm (C6) translucent envelope, 162 x 229 mm (C5) translucent envelopes, 324 x 229 mm (C4) translucent envelopes, 110 x 220 mm (DL) translucent envelopes

Translucent envelopes are your choice when you want to get the attention of the addressee.
Your invitations, announcements, direct mail, or cards will look stunning.

Vellum Envelopes, as they are sometime called, are made of chlorine-free bleached cellulose and we have 8 different sizes and 7 trendy colours:
- Red
- Dark Blue
- Light Blue
- Yellow
- White
- Clear
- Orange

Choose a size & colour and let your mail to be noticed.